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Lakes in Hawaii

Information about lakes in Hawaii.

NAME: Aliapaakai
LOCATION: Salt Lake Neighboorhood, Honolulu, Island, Hawaii

NAME: Alieiki Lake
LOCATION: ? Island, Hawaii

NAME: Green Lake
- formerly Wai a Pele
- destroyed on June 2, 2018 by an eruption)
LOCATION: Hawaii Island, Hawaii

NAME: Halalii Lake
LOCATION: Niihau Island, Hawaii
- largest lake in Hawaii
- not used for recreation; used for fish farming
- many bird species
- situated adjacent to Halulu Lake

Huilua Fishpond - Oahu Island

NAME: Halulu Lake
LOCATION: Niihau Island, Hawaii
- largest natural lake in the state of Hawaii
- Surrounded by sand and trees
- many bird species
- situated adjacent to Halalii Lake

NAME: Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden Lake
LOCATION: Oahu Island, Hawaii

NAME: Huilua Fishpod
LOCATION: Kahana Bay, Oahu Island, Hawaii - one of the few remaining ancient fishponds in Hawaii - National Register of Historic Places. - U.S. National Historic Landmark

NAME: Ka Loko Reservoir
LOCATION: Kauai Island, Hawaii
- created by an earthen dam
- water flows from the lake to the Waiakalua Reservoir, the Waiakalua Stream and the Pacific Ocean
- its backdrop is the Moloaa Forest Reserve
- its dam burst in 2006

NAME: Kahaluu Fishpond
LOCATION: East Oahu Island, Hawaii
- listed on the US National Register of Historic Places
- located at Kaneohe Bay
- surroundiing private property iis a wedding venue (chapel, pavilion, garden)

NAME: Kanaha Pond State Wildlife Sanctuary;
LOCATION: Maui Island, Hawaii
- not really a lake
- wetland area that is famous for its waterfowl.
- U.S. National Natural Landmark

NAME: Kealia Pond Keālia Pond National Wildlife Refuge
LOCATION: ? Island, Hawaii - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kealia_Pond_National_Wildlife_Refuge - https://friendsofkealiapond.org - https://hawaiibirdingtrails.hawaii.gov/birding_hotspot/kealia-pond-national-wildlife-refuge/

NAME: Keehi Lagoon
LOCATION: Oahu Island, Hawaii
- lagoon off the ocean
- an urban beach and park (but no swimming)
- offers canoeing and boating.
- baseball, football, cricket or tennis
- watch planes take off from HNL

NAME: Kualapu‘u Reservoir
LOCATION: Molokai Island, Hawaii
- located in the town of Kualapu‘u
- surrounding the lake is home to Coffees of Hawaii/ produce Molokai coffee
- does not offe recreational activities only nice scenery

NAME: Loe Lake
LOCATION: ? Island, Hawaii

NAME: Loko Paakai
LOCATION: ? Island, Hawaii

NAME: Meyer Lake
LOCATION: ? Island, Hawaii

NAME: Nonopapa Lake
LOCATION: ? Island, Hawaii

NAME: Nuuanu Reservoir
LOCATION: Nuuanu Valley, South Oahu Island, Hawaii
- inaccesible reservoir
- built in 1910
- not used for decades
- dilapidated tower and a rusted bridge
- can be seen while hiking to tLulumahu Falls

NAME: Violet Lake
ALSO KNOWN AS: Kiowaiokihawahine
LOCATION: West Maui Mountains, Maui Island, Hawaii
- 1530 meters above sea level
- surrounded by a raiinforest (montane raiinfrest)

NAME: Wahiawa Reservoir
LOCATION: Oahu Island, Hawaii

NAME: Waiakea Poond
LOCATION: Hawaiiii Island, Hawaii

NAME: Waiau Lake / Lake Waiau
LOCATION: Mauna Kea, Hawaii Island, Hawaii
- heart-shaped lake inside the cinder cone of the volcano
- highest lake in the state 9of Hawaii
- accessible by walking a trail off Saddle Road
- hike is oxygen challenged due to high elevartiion

NAME: Wilson Lake / Lake Wilson
LOCATION: ? Island, Hawaii

NAME: Waita Reservoir
LOCATION: Kauai Island, Hawaii
- located on private property,
- private fishing trips can be booked
- bass fishing.
- has a pier where boats can dock and enter the water
- many of the docked boats are run by charter fishing companies
-l ocated just east of the city of Kōloa.
- hosts events like fishing tournaments, boat races and company events.

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