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About the Five Counties of Hawaii

An introduction with general information and facts about the four main counties of Hawaii and a very small fifth county (Kalawao) that operates as a district of one of the larger counties.

Hawaii County
Hawaii County includes only Hawaii Island, the largest of the Hawaiian Islands. Hawaii Island is commonly known as "The Big Island" to differentiate it from the County of Hawaii and the State of Hawaii. There are no incorporated cities in Hawaii County, but the East Hawaii island town of Hilo is both the county seat and the county's largest community.

Honolulu County
Honolulu County is the most populated county in Hawaii, with more than 900,000 residents. The government of Honolulu County is the same entity as the government for the city of Honolulu. Honolulu County includes the island of Oahu and the small islands north of Kauai and Niihau, from Nihoa to Kure except for Midway. Until 1959, Palmyra Island, which is located 1000 miles south of Hawaii was also included.

Kauai County
Kauai County has more than 60,000 residents, making it the fourth most populated county in Hawaii. the county includes the populated island of Kauai, the private low-population island of Niihau, and the small unpopulated islets of Lehua and Kaula.

Maui County
Maui County is the third most populated county in the state of Hawaii, with more than 150,000 residents. Includes the islands of Maui, Molokai, Lanai, Kahoolawe and the small, unpopulated offshore islet of Molokini.

Kalawao County
Kalalau County does not have its own government but instead operates as a judicial district of the County of Maui. The county is very small - one of the smallest counties in the United States - and includes only the Kalaupapa Peninsula on the north central coast of Molokai Island.

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